Payton Brown

What has happened to this kid’s recruiting? Does he have any offers?

He signed with UCA.

Speaking of UCA QBs, there was a QB we were looking at last year for a PWO spot. He was a DT guy and looked like he had a lot of raw talent. Did he ever see the field this year?

DT guy?

I think you’re asking about Darius Bowers from Fayetteville. According to UCA’s stats he did not play this year.

Payton Brown is not a football player. He is a basketball player from Waldron.

Yep. Whoops, thought we were talking football. DT meaning Dual Threat. I have no idea why I thought that.

Scored 60 pts in his game last night.

Payton broke his dad’s school record for points in a game last night. His dad, Jason, scored 58 in a game vs. Paris in 1993.

Sounds like his game might be too big for that moribound program. Surely he had better offers?