Payton Brown ? for those who have seen him

Bit of a Rotnei Clarke vibe? Great shooter from very small town.

Do people think he is an SEC level prospect?

I think a more apt comparison is to Dusty Hannahs, who played at the same classification. They are more comparable in size, too; Brown is 6-4 and might grow some. Remember he’s only a sophomore.

It’s probably too early to tell whether he is SEC ready, but anyone who has a shot like his has to be considered. Here are his highlights from last night: … 175c9df57c

Will this be his first year in AAU?

I saw where Dudley said he would be playing for Coach Marty Barnes for Team Cooper this summer.

How does this AAU team/league compare to other AAU teams like the Hawks?

I am certainly no expert, but the thing I noticed was how quick he got off his shot and he can shoot. That will probably only get better with time. SEC ready? Of course not. He is in the 10th grade, but he has a chance I think.

The quick release stood out to me, too, Jim.

That’s almost as quick as Al Dillard could let it rip!