Payton Brown decommits from UCA

Any thought that he could get some higher level offers? I know athleticism is an issue but seems like there is always a role for a guy who can shoot the cover off the ball like he can.

He plays in the NWA area several times over the next few weeks. Hoping to check him out at least once. Watched him score 40 on the road in 26 minutes last January.

Given CEM premium on shooting the 3, any chance he could get a look from the Hogs?

Hope he ends up at UALR. That is my second home team.

Depends on the answer to the question “can he play CEM’s iight switching man defense”.

I don’t think so

What will happen is that a team like Ole Miss will offer him a scholarship at the last minute and he will spend the next 4 years torching Arkansas every time he plays us.


Vandy is showing interest now.

Why am I not surprised. Get ready to see this kid drop 30 on Arkansas every time we play Vandy.


I know something similar is said every time a homegrown kid goes elsewhere but I can’t recall any homegrown hoops player going off on Hogs every time in forever. Maybe someone can refresh my memory. Monk? Goodwin? The kid who went to Vandy and recently transferred? The kid at Minny? K Allen had a couple of good games but even he would be a stretch. Who this century?

Allen did “go off” on us for 21 as a freshman and 28 and a junior (both games in BWA). As a soph he scored 12. In the two games last season he scored 18 and 17. So his average against us was 19.2 (96 points in five games) compared to 12.1 as a career average.

It’s real easy to pull up Allen’s stats. I think he scored 21 total points (a combined 5 of 16 from the field) in two games against the Hogs his freshman year. Scored 128 total points in 8 games against the Hogs. That’s a 16 ppg avg. Hardly “going off” and definitely not 30 ppg.

28 points on a career average of 12 is still going off.

I’m not going to debate something that’s actually memorialized for all to see. Allen didn’t score 21 points in a game against the Hogs his freshamn year. Allen didn’t average 19 ppg against the Hogs for his career. The fact is he averaged 16 ppg against the Hogs. That is not “going off for 30 every game” which is what I responded to and questioned. It’s fair to say other homegrown players have gone on to be contributors (even major contributors) for other teams but it’s a stretch to continually say they’ve compiled an NBA worthy resume in games versus the Hogs. Furthermore, I think it’s a stretch to assume this kid will be the latest version of Mason Jones. There’s a reason a Mason Jones type storyline rarely happens.

The point gentlemen, is that in some cases when a player from a smaller school shows promise, especially in basketball, we tend to poo, poo the kid. He’s too slow, can’t guard, can’t jump, etc. The player sometimes gets an offer from a “lower tier” school in the SEC like Ole Miss and turns out to be a good player. And often takes great satisfaction in showing the home state school that they made a mistake in not recruiting them. The current AD at Ole Miss is an example.

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There was another Arkansas kid on those Ole Miss teams, Jason Smith from Palestine-Wheatley, 6-6 forward, could play a little too. Career average of 10.9, always seemed to play better than that against us. When OM recruited him, Rob Evans also took his high school coach as a grad assistant coach. Coach got his masters, became a non-athletic administrator at OM, then moved to Kansas and is associate provost there now. His name is David Gaston. How do I know that? Because David is married to the maid of honor at my wedding (who is also my ex’s cousin) and all of these moves were while he was “family”. Would he be a university executive if Nolan had recruited Jason? Dunno, but being recruited OM triggered the whole chain of events.

Ole Miss has done quite well with Arkansas exiles over the years. Their current AD Keith Carter being one of them. Anthony Boone, UCA’s interim coach being another. Jason Flannigan and the really short Guard out of Parkview who’s name I can’t recall being two more. I’m happy for Payton Brown that he will likely play in a better program than UCA, but I doubt that he is better than our incoming home grown recruits.

Interest doesn’t mean an offer.

How can anyone forget little Jason Harrison getting up on the scorer’s table and dancing after an Ole Miss win! He was always great against us,

Age PJ. Age. Thanks for reminding me. He would have been fun to watch if he played for anyone other than the hated rebelious ones.