Payton Brown 2.0

Since bumping threads is now out of style (even though as I type this I get a message to a list of similar topics on the right side of my screen, just teasing me with 5 threads titled “Payton Brown Range” “Payton Brown Highlights” “2020 guard Payton Brown stats” “2020 guard Payton Brown will” and “Payton Brown 49 point night highlights”) I will start another thread discussing Payton Brown.

Mr. Brown ended up at UAFS and had himself quite a year.

21 ppg
3 rbg
91% FT
41% 3pt
48% FG

I believe there are some on here very close to Mr. Brown. I am wondering what he is thinking for his next step?


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I would think he will have a great four-year career there.

Shows how little I know. I thought it was a JUCO.

UAFS moved to a four-year school several years back.

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I think UAFS made the transition out of the NJCAA about a year or two after Sonny Weems played his final season there.

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Jeez!!! I went to the greatest of all Arkansas D2 schools in the early 2000s, home of the best, brightest and God’s chosen, but didn’t realize UAFS was now a D2 school. A shame they’re not in the same conference as Harding, Tech, OBU and the others

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