Paying for the new site

I have cancelled the old site and i’m wondering if my annual payment for automatically transfers to the new site.

That’s my understanding. You just have to register here

Is there a way to remove credit card information from the Scout site after you cancel? Issue is hacking / security going forward even if the cancellation says no to renewal it appears my data is still there.

Dudley is this the premium board?


Hogcotton, It’s my understand that according to PCI - the new Privacy of Credit Information protocols - that businesses can no longer actually store your information locally. Also, any old or long-standing information must be purged from their database. But, I’d be sure to query Scout about their policies.

I’m a little bit confused. I just renewed on the old Hawgsillustrated (Scout) board. I am in the trial period right now. I want to sign up with this board. I have registered. If I call and cancel the old HI board won’t I need to take out another subscription on wholehogsports? Am I making sense?

From what I’m seeing here, I will become a member of this board just by registering. I no longer want the old board, so I have to cancel that subscription. Correct?

If you have set up an autorenewal on the Scout board, you will need to cancel to prevent continuing charges. If you are in some sort of trial period, you should be able to cancel and prevent payment for the next year (or however long you subscribed.)

If you will email your phone number to me at, we can walk through your account and the steps you need to take. It shouldn’t take but about 5-10 minutes.