Pay Athletes?

Aren’t athletes being paid now? And I am not talking about scholarship money. Didn’t a couple years ago the NCAA allow schools to start paying athletes “cost of living” pay or something? I have no idea how much, miniscule or large. And maybe it was only in football. Regardless I doubt it compares at all to the hundreds of millions the NCAA rakes in each year on March Madness. Can someone please refresh my memory please!

Cost of attendance. Tuition, books, fees, room and board does not cover the total cost of attending college, and scumbags were more than happy to step in and cover the rest. Each school is different, and school administrations estimate the figure for their entire student body which is then applied to athletic scholarships. But it’s not much more than they got before.

Yes, they get stipends now. I believe it’s anywhere from 3k-5k per semester depending on the school. On top of that, most of the athletes should be getting cash back if they filled out a FASFA and if they have any other scholarships other than their athletic scholarship they should get that money back as well. I didn’t play sports in college, but I had a FASFA + scholarship, and I got back about 2.5k refund check per semester, plus I would sell my books that my scholarship paid for at the end of the semester and pocket about another 1k.

These days as an athlete, some of these guys could be getting close to 10k per semester legally and the right way, and that’s 10k with no expenses considering food and rooms are paid for. And you have access to top facilities to work on your game 24/7. It’s just that top 1% that want more, and honestly between the G-League and overseas if a kid just needs money that bad they can go and get compensated very well at those places. It’s just people always want more. I’ll never feel sorry for someone that knows what they are signing up for, then gets mad about it later. That would be like me going to take an internship for Google, knowing it will look good on my resume, then when I get there say they aren’t paying me enough because they are making billions, when I knew how much I would be getting when I signed up.

College is meant for kids trying to get an education first, yes with TV deals and all that schools are making good money, but most of that is going back to the university and supporting the other programs that don’t generate a revenue, if you are among that top 1% who generates more than their scholarship is worth, simply don’t go to college, it’s pretty simple, let someone else that is more in need get that scholarship. Go overseas for a year, go to the g-league, or simply sit out and just get some endorsements, nobody is forcing them to go to college, they want to go because they know it gets them the most exposure and gives them a chance to play in big arenas in front of big crowds, honestly you can have a bunch of 3-star players and people would still pack these arenas to support their Alma mater/or home state, the kids needs the universities more than they need them. Just look at Tennessee for example, bunch of 3-star kids that just worked hard, they didn’t need any one an dones or any of these pay for play college players to pack their arena out or generate income for their basketball team. I would actually love it if we found a system for all these top players to just go to the NBA and get back to where college basketball is 3 and 4 year players, that’s when it was at it’s peak and the quality was better, IMO.

Corruption doesn’t have a ceiling or a cap. Even if they got paid, really paid to play they would still get ‘paid’ to go to a school. It’s not coaches really paying players to play, though yes they are obviously but it is players or ‘handlers’ asking for it. It’s a sellers marketplace.

Obviously Wade was just buying what somebody was selling. Bidding wars. Just a guess.

You my boy Blu! Can’t be said better.

I read somewhere “money is the root of all evil”. Today I’ve seen several TV commentators say “everyone on the inside of the basketball scene has know about the cheating going on by certain schools, coaches and others”. Dudley said something simular today in a post. One thing this has done is that folks in the know are publically outing the cheating.

It would seem sooner or later the NCAA would be embarrassed enough by all of this to do something. But I have zero confidence anything of substance will be done. Well…except for BYU and all of the other no name programs out there.