Paul Finebaum is slamming the hogs

for hiring CSP. Basically said we were totally wrong. Sam will prove him wrong. Thinks he knows everything! May be the case but said Kiffin was never coming to Ark and told HY so.

I don’t know whether Coach Pittman will be successful, but knowing Finebaum thinks it was a mistake is a step in the right direction as far as positive signs go. Clay Travis and Paul Finebaum are two opinions I seldom want on my side.


It will of course be interesting when Sam goes on Finebaum’s show during SEC media days, etc.

I thought Finebaum’s show was going away prior to SEC media days next year. Thought I saw he was going full time to ESPN

He works for the SEC Network owned by ESPN.

not real wise to say someone will totally fail, especially with the model thtat LSU and Orgeron have laid out there, besides I dont see how CSP can fail with the bar that was set by CM, its only about ankle high.

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I’m aware of that, but I thought it was reported earlier he was going full time to ESPN, not SECN

And now he has Lane Kiffin on…

Not a surprise.

Finebaum is the SECN’s equivalent of Wally Hall here


Who cares what he does or says?


I don’t all he does build Alabama up!

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Screw Paul. Can’t stand that little sh*t.


Orville Henry once described him as a “poison pen.” OH was right. But aside from his jerk personality, what does Paul Finebaum know about football or coaching? Nothing really. He never played, never coached. He knows no more than the run of the mill fan.

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Honestly sick of Paul and what he says. Tebow flat out told him he was wrong about Arkansas not being a good job. Glad Tebow defended us on it. He knows more about the game of football than Paul does.


Can’t stand Finebaum. All he knows is Alabama. He never says anything positive about Arkansas and never will. He doesn’t believe we should be in SEC. He and Wally are just alike don’t know nothing about football or any other sport!

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Give me an M give me an O give me an R give me an O give me an N what does it spell finebaum :flushed::flushed:



Maybe he’s just pissed off that Coach Smart lost a crucial piece to his offense.

He did admit that point