Paul Biancardi standouts

at Wootten’s

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I didn’t know Layden had a younger Brother, that’s fantastic.

I found this blurb in the ether,” “I’ve always wanted to play with my brother, but I wouldn’t go to a school and play with him if it’s not the best fit for me," Landren Blocker said. "It’s cool to think about me and him playing together, but we also believe Layden won’t be in college by the time I get to college.” That’s a really interesting quote, I thought others here might enjoy it.

What are your thoughts, if any, that you might share Richard?

Arkansas has watched him and are keeping tabs. Really can’t say if they’ll pull the trigger on him or not but it wouldn’t surprise me if they do.

Saw him in Louisville and his athleticism jumps out. His game is still evolving but trending in the right direction.

August story:


Thank you Richard, I appreciate your time, link and further explanation. I will read your article later today, thank you.

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Aggies offer Landren.

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