Paul Biancardi heaps praise on Justice Hill and Colin Moore … ector-cam/

Where are we with Colin Moore?

He say anything about when Hill might receive his ranking?

No one has really inquired about him yet. That will change.

ESPN doesn’t rate freshmen. They do sophomores but that will be later. I’m guessing in the spring.

The good news is Paul has seen him in-person and will be keeping an eye on him.

Hill is a sophomore for 2019 class right?

They’ve started to rank some of them. They have a top 25 right now. … class/2019

I stand corrected.

Yea, I was hoping to get more info about his ranking since Paul seen him up close, thought maybe he would have hinted where he would be ranked. I know he’s always invited to all the top camps/events for 2019 players, yet he’s unranked by most recruiting services. Future 150 has a ranking of him up where he’s a 3-star, not sure how accurate that is, since it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I think they will have a better grasp when all these kids and others are sophomores and go through spring and summer ball.

Paul will be on my radio show at 8 Thursday night. I’ll try and remember to ask him when they’ll be updated.

Blu, I actually looked for the 2019/2020 classes about a month ago. No one, including Future 150, had anything on him. So, if he’s listed (even though it says a long time ago) it has changed in a month. I believe Hoopseen had 1 AR guy listed in the Top 50 in 2019. It had 4 AR kids listed in the Top 100 (3 Top 50, 2 Top 25) in 2020. Justice wasn’t listed. I do know one thing that has been said (by RD) is this past year, he was more of a facilitator on the Hawks, so the 3* maybe about where he should be. If he adds some shooting (he may be good there) and passes up some assist (shoot instead) he may jump up pretty good.

I could’ve sworn I looked too. It surprised me when I saw his link. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve seen ESPN do freshmen rankings.


Here’s his future150 page it looks very old, he looks like a 7th or 8th grader on the picture they have of him. … ll-pg-2019

And I’m thinking same as you, he may be a 3-star caliber player right now, which is reason services haven’t rated him yet. I know most services have rated the top guys in 2019 already. But, still very curious to see where a national recruiting analyst thinks he’ll end up. Some people were saying when he first committed he was like a top 25 caliber of player in his class.

Just googled 2019 basketball prospects. Here is Future 150 rankings:

It has Justice as a 4* (83 eval) #66 in the country

Has KD Arnett 2019 PF LR 4* (80 eval) # 98 in the country.

Honestly, I didn’t see that a month ago.

Your Future150 page is different than the rankings page.

For several years now, they’ve ranked rising sophs late summer. Trey Thompson was #22 in those rankings.

I remember the sophomores and Trey, but just don’t recall freshmen.

Well, As with the 2019 class, Trey was ranked during the summer after his 9th grade year. So, technically, he wasn’t a soph yet when he was ranked 22nd.

Looking through the archives, the earliest I show Trey being rated was Aug. 16 of 2011 and he was ranked 25th by ESPN. You maybe correct about him being ranked 22, but I just don’t recall it.

Say a kid graduates from the 9th grade in June, we started referring to the kid as a sophomore. We did that with Austin Capps when he received an offer from after an Arkansas camp a few weeks after his freshmen year.

Yeah, it might’ve been 25 instead of 22. I just know it was part of ESPN’s Top 25, which debuts the time I mentioned. Clear on the definition of a soph.

Back to the original question. Justice’s class was ranked back in the summer by ESPN. You said you weren’t aware of ESPN rating freshman. But, using the definition above, they were rating sophomores since it was after June. So, I think that clears that up.

As for where Justice should be ranked, I think he should be in the top 100. His Real Deal performance was top 50-worth IMO, but I didn’t see the rest of the spring and summer, so I give a little and say top 100. I think scouts will be hard in him b cause of his size, but his explosiveness and intangibles should prove out a top 100 ranking. He may not be as good, but I think he compares to Tyler Ulis in that he’s a true PG that provides value in more than the traditional categories.

I’m very high on Justice.

I suspect you’re right about him cracking the top 100. In Vegas, he kind of took a backseat to the other Hawks and was more of a pure PG. He didn’t look to score as much as he did in Real Deal. That might have hurt him in the eyes of the scouts.

Also Desi Sills played extremely well in Vegas and might have stolen some of the limelight away.

How would he compare to a Phil Pressey? Similar type of player?