Ok, what’s the story, hasn’t been reported to be on campus yet, any date, any idea what’s the hold up?

We’ll check


Sorry, I just saw this.


Sorry to hear he won’t be on campus the entire summer. I think Patton was already facing an uphill battle for early playing time given the complexities of playing TE in the Arkansas offense. I just don’t see how he can master the position in one summer semester & fall camp with all the competition he will face. Does he still have a redshirt to use?

Well, they might have known, but all you ever heard after he didn’t come in the spring was, “We’ll get him here in the summer”. I guess that’s going on the official(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) calendar, lol. Thanks for the update RD.

He will play and play well.

I hope you are right, but if it is a grade issue and he is having a hard time obtaining those, then how will he master the playbook in short time while trying to stay afloat academically as well.
Unless he has already been slipped a copy of the playbook to study. I don’t even know if that’s legal at this point.

Patton just tweeted he is on his way to the HILL…WPS

The Hill is waiting as are the fans, we need him to make a positive impact from day one. If he does it will help change a earlier poll on how many yards Devwah will get this season as it’s imperative that this team gels early and eliminates last years weak areas and plays well together. Welcome to the Hill Jeremy and take advantage to build yourself a career and the opportunity make a very good living for you and your family. Thanks for choosing the Hogs ! WPS

The young man will do fine. Give him time to get the play book down and in the classroom. I’m more concerned with classroom than football in his case!