Patterson out for year

I think we have a chance!..not sure who the back up is, but this has to be a positive. (not that a kid was injured, but that our chances of winning should be significantly improved now).
We can win vs:

[/u]If we do, will CBB remain? I hope so…

Dear lord, help this fan base.

How could anyone want this incompetent coach any longer? What more proof do you need that he is as clueless as a plumber doing brain surgery?

Some helpful stats.

0-17 when down at half… shows horrible, horrible coaching adjustments.

10-26 conference (speaks for itself)

27-31 over all. Speaks for itself

Hasn’t beaten a P5 team in almost a year.

Truly one of the worst coaches in P5 currently. He messed up leaving Wisconsin, where he had a silver spoon in his mouth.

ESPN analytic after Auburn … &year=2017

I hate it for this kid who has been injured.

What have we become.

If AA comes back there is still a chance to go bowling. These seniors deserve that. Ole Miss is beatable without Shea. Miss St. will be a tough one…but we get them at home. Again, we need a healthy AA.

If you put his Arkansas coaching accomplishments - or lack thereof - on a piece of paper with no name on it and asked Bielema fans if this anonymous coach should be retained for a 6th year they’d laugh uncontrollably. I mean it’s just hideous.

The people still hoping that wins over an FCS school that bussed in from 800 miles away, two Sunbelt teams, a horrible Ole Miss team without a coach, a God Awful Missery team, and one quality SEC team can save his job amaze me!

I agree.
Absolutely unbelievable.