Patrick Beverley to Lakers

Love it.

Will help with the soft and stupid on defense that the Lakers showed most of last season, and with a good shooting percentage on low volume catch/shoot threes. His ability to distract/annoy the opponent is also something the Lakers can use. Lakers are still looking up at a lot of teams in the West.

I wonder if Lebron will get bossy towards Pat. He might get told you do you & I’ll do me, lol.

Don’t think LeBron will be an issue. But if Westbrook is not traded, it is going to interesting to see how Pat and Russ coexist. They have history and it is not good history.

Westbrook has probably played his last game as a Laker, and maybe anywhere. His residual skill level at this point in his career doesn’t justify the problems he causes.

The Lakers are still trying to find a team stupid enough to trade for him. If that does not work there are reports they may just use the classic NBA roster management move for the overpaid and unloved of paying him not to play.

He will make $47 million this year. No team will want him at that ridiculous pay. The Lakes may send him home for the season…crazy.

These are not my Lakers, and these kinds of moves make me smile at the fact that James will not win another title. They still have no shooters. I honestly can’t believe Jeanie extended him and contributed to his delusion of playing with his vastly overrated son. The Lakers, as currently constituted, are a joke, and no threat to win anything. This makes me very happy. LA will NEVER love LeBron like they loved Kobe. He is just an aging hired gun, and I hope he never even sniffs another title. He will never be a true Laker.

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The Lakers, in their hey-day were very well coached with a very good GM and owner. These last few Laker teams have zero in those 3 categories.

I’m thinking they may not recover in the next 10 years. I look for Lebron to play one year with his son. Jeanie will then give him a considerably large ownership share and appoint him GM. That will just speed up the downward spiral for the Lakers. What a mess they have become.

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Lakers will be contenders if AD stays healthy. That has been the problem last two season. The season before that with healthy AD, Lakers won the title.

LeBron is still playing at a very high level. Last season he averaged 30.3 pts, 8.2 rebs and 6.2 assists. That was the second highest scoring season in his career. He is now a legit threat from the 3, shooting at a 36% clip.

Addition of Beverley will change the whole look of the team., He transmits energy up and down the lineup.

They need to replace Westbrook.

I am looking forward to it.

I would say LeBron is already the GM, Larry…and not a very good one. Dr. Buss would have never let him have so much power over roster decisions, and I’m really disappointed in Jeanie for allowing it. Meanwhile, The Celtics are a threat every year. Makes me sick.

When is the last time AD played 82 games, PJ? I’m asking because I can’t remember him even playing 70. He’s damaged goods, and there is no way he should have made the Top 100 All-Time NBA players list.

I know what you mean. Big men are usually prone to injuries, but AD is one of the worst at that.

That is why I admire Kareem for his durability. Of course, Kareem did everything under control. He didn’t jump around crazy. Since they outlawed dunk in his college basketball days, he developed his game without trying to make SportCenter Top 10 plays.

But I keep hoping as AD ages, his body matures more physically and becomes more durable. Let’s see what happens.

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Yes, we will see. I don’t have anything against AD. I just don’t think his body of work, to this point, makes him an all-time great.


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The Lakers are going to be about as good as they were last year…not real good. An aging James and a constantly injured Anthony Davis with a cast of poor players around them. Beverly will help some, but they just don’ have the talent or depth to be competitive with the top teams.

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