Patrick Beverley is now a Magic

Traded to Magic for center Mo Bamba.

That’s his 5th or 6th team in the NBA.

However, the checks keep coming and he’s had a long career.

A lot going on at the trade deadline. I would sure hate to be a Nets fan, but I bet Scottie is happy having KD.

13th season…wow

This makes the Suns the favorite to win it all.

They have an all-star Booker at the 2, a hall of famer KD at the 4, an all-star Ayton at the 5 and Hal of famer CP3 at the PG. And TJ Warren will be an adequate 3. Bench is a bit weak.

This really frees up CP3 from having to score in a must score situation and get wore out by the time playoffs arrive. And Monty Williams is heck of a coach to drive the bus.

For the Suns, I am glad that Irving for CP3 trade did not happen. It would have been a disaster.

I was hoping Moses would get traded before the deadline. He was on the trading block, but it didn’t happen.

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Yeah. Moses definitely needs a new home.

I can remember PB in his first Red/White game on the Hill, I believe he scored 27. He has been a real pro evidenced by all the bitching that comes out of those he guards.

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It will be very interesting to see if the Warriors move him in the off-season.

The club appears to be morphing back into “win now while we can” mode, but they are going to have to do some additional roster tweaking to make that work next year. Moses had little trade value at the deadline this season, but he might have some value as a trade piece shortly before or during the draft. I won’t be surprised if the Warriors try to get him a few more games in the G League down the stretch to try to showcase him a bit for that purpose.

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I remember he went for 29 in his first official game as a Razorback. He hit 6 of 7 threes. Wonder if that is the game you are thinking or did he also go for 27 in R&W game before that?

Not quite there yet, current odds to WIN IT ALL from BETONLINE. (Top 5)

PJ, I watched the Hog’s football team beat Ole Miss earlier Saturday and the basketball team with PB that night… I’m pretty sure it was a Red/White game. Regardless, PB went off big time and everyone watching knew he was special.

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