Patience Can Be Rewarded

As we all applaud CCM and staff for their stellar recruiting efforts to date, the present and the recent past are difficult. We are, without question, the last place program in the SEC over the last several seasons.

As a fan it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and even with this class coming in its merely the first step in a multi-step rebuild. Patience is a MUST if you support a program undergoing a complete rebuild. With that in mind I offer some recent examples to look to for inspiration:

Mike Leach at Washington State

His first three seasons were 3-9, 6-6, 3-9. Since then several 8 or 9 win seasons and probably more this year.

Bronco Mendenhall at Virginia

2-10 in year one, 6-7 in year two, and now 7-3.

Matt Rhule at Baylor

1-11 in year one and now 5-5 in year two and on the cusp of bowl eligibility.

There is no guarantee Chad can improve as the guys listed above have, but his recruiting suggests he can. He certainly improved each year at SMU. It’s just going to take time and hard, hard work.

We can all help in our own ways. We are on the fast track to 2-10 and the home schedule next year is not good. I could very easily decide not to renew season tickets next season as good tickets will likely be easily attainable for any and all games , but I decided last night driving back now is the time to invest in the future and commit to helping in my own small way. I plan to renew and increase my RF pledge. I hope everyone financially able that’s on the fence about renewing will support the program as it resides on the bottom but fights like Hell to climb out of it.

Jackson, from another Reed, I think that this is the best post that you have ever put out! If all the wall climbers will just stay calm and let coach Morris do his thing,the razorbacks will turn it around…

I agree, a very good post that I hope alot of prople read

Great post:+1:.

good post, Jackson. I agree


Takes it all from all.

Very rare when I agree with JR, but I do here wholeheartedly. Of course I generally preach patience; the revolving door of coaches only tends to keep spinning.

an Frank Beamer was 24-40 after his first 6 yrs at VT including 2-9 in yr 5 but they stuck with him and he turned into a HOF coach… … mer-1.html

This post lays it out there very well. Let’s hope the folks
who believe in a magic pill or win at any cost keep this
material in mind.

Fantastic post Jackson and very well said. As hard as it has been I have started to find peace with a season I thought had at least 3 more wins at a minimum if not more. Might have been the kool-aid but I love my Hogs A TON!!! Seeing with CCM and staff are doing in recruiting in a tough year gives me a ton of hope for the future. Regardless of how this season is going there truly is a bright light shining above the Hill that a lot of folks are starting to see. We will be back!

It’s been hard for me as well and I’m not a patient person by nature. The last seven years, apart from a very few bright spots, have been miserable but I do think better days are coming!

You earned my respect with your post. From one hog fan to another thank you!
Better days are coming.

Let’s not forget about Stoops at Kentucky. He was 2-10, 5-7, 5-7, 7-5, 7-5 and now look where Kentucky is. Up to #12 in the polls this year. I truly believe being patient with Morris is going to pay off for us. Let him keep recruiting at the level he is and we will definitely be moving on up in the SEC. WPS