Pathetic is the word that comes to mind...

Bielema looks like a deer caught in the headlights and our defense is just so bad it makes you want to bite a nail in half. Missouri has outcoached and outplayed us in the second half. We need a miracle to beat a 3 win team.

When does baseball season start?

We are just plain vanilla on defense. Plays it safe and still gets burned. But Allen has played horrible the second half. Was too easy the first half and we came out flat inns cone half. He’s got 12 minutes to right the ship

Fells like the team put it into cruise control and got over confident and sloppy. Now Missouri has life.

No fire in the razorback’s belly. Thought we could pull it out. Holding penalty was critical. Dunno where we go from here. Seems like we’re just a mediocre team with no future right now. Without some type of change on defense, we will stay a mediocre team with top 20 facilities. Sad :frowning: