Path to SEC West title

Arkansas could potentially win the SEC West title this weekend at home, but it would take some help elsewhere.

The most simple path to a title is a sweep of Vanderbilt and at least one loss by Texas A&M at home against Mississippi State, and at least one loss by LSU at home against Ole Miss. That would ensure Arkansas of at least a tie for the division title, and the Razorbacks could win outright with one victory at Alabama the following week.

There are a couple of unlikely scenarios in which Arkansas could win outright this week. The first includes a sweep of Vanderbilt, series losses by LSU and Texas A&M, and at least one loss by Auburn at home against Alabama.

The even more unlikely scenario would include a 2-1 series win by Arkansas, the Mississippi schools sweeping LSU and Texas A&M, and Auburn losing the series to Alabama.


Ole Miss is a dangerous team… LSU starting pitching is not very good and Ole Miss swung the bats extremely well against Missouri this weekend …I would not want to be facing them right now. I would not be one bit surprised to see Ole Miss win that series.

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Winning that series at Auburn was so big for us. It puts us well in the driver’s seat to win the west & secure a national seed. Had we lost our RPI would’ve gone up & we’d be holding on by our fingernails to win the west. A loss would have meant we’d have to win the last two series & probably win 5 of the last six games to be assured of first in the west. Short of any of that & we might not be a national seed.

As things stand now, we’d have to screw up pretty badly to lose a national seed. Not saying it can’t be done, but I think to jeopardize our chances at a national seed, we’d have to lose 3 of our remaining games. Now if we win 4 we’re probably still a national seed–especially if we win 1 or more at Hoover. But I like our chances of winning 4 or even 5 of our last 6 games.


Just win baby. That settles everything


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