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This is a summary of what appeared in Hawg247 regarding AR’s chances of making the NCAA Tournament.
The win at LSU kept us on the bubble and gave us NCAA’s official RPI of 43. The highest RPI that did not make the NCAA was 49 by MO in the past. Of the remaining six games, the BPI (Basketball Power Index) Projects that AR has a 71% chance of winning 3 of the remaining six (OM 74.3%, TAM 74%, GA 71.7%). It gives us an outside chance of winning at AU 43.1%. We are a large underdog to FL 5.9% and SC 23.4%. If we win those three, our projected RPI be 40. We must win one at SEC tournament to receive At-Large bid. If we finish 4-2 our RPI be 32 and we receive an at-Large bid regardless of the SEC-Tourney. Bottom-line we still have a good chance to be in the Dance. We can do it the easy way by finishing 4-2, or the hard way going 3-3.

I don’t believe that to be correct.
Missouri State had an RPI of 21 in 2006, won 20 games, beat us and still didn’t make the dance.

He’s referring to teams out of the power conferences, Missouri State is not in a power conference. Also, that information is since the field expanded to 68 teams in 2011.

REF: Hog 2009 & BLU
Thanks guys: I know nothing about all that history; just what the article said.

Misery at #49 is the best Big Six (Power 5 plus Big East) RPI left out since the tournament expanded. Prior to that it was Cincinnati at #40 in 2006.

Meanwhile, USC and Marquette, both in 2011, got bids with RPIs in the 60s in the 68-team tournament.

Don’t forget we have a signature win! With Portis and Quailes we beat Kentucky and did not dance. That record was similar to where this team projects with no big win

If you’re referring to the NIT year. We still had an RPI of 67. What the OP and article is saying is 49 is the highest a power conference team has had to miss the tournament since field expanded to 68.

In that NIT year, if you remember we didn’t win on the road much at all, and that’s what had our RPI in the high 60s and that ultimately cost us missing the tournament. What we have going for us this year, is our road record is good, and our RPI is good for now. If history holds true and we avoid anymore bad losses and our RPI is still in the low 40s, then we should make the tournament.