Path to a division title is simple now

One more Arkansas win or one more Mississippi State loss will clinch a share of the division for the Razorbacks. Arkansas would win outright with a sweep or with a 2-1 weekend that includes a Mississippi State loss.

Just take it 1 game at a time! That’s the best approach. We all know the hogs have clinched a top 4 seed in Hoover. If we can win 1 more game at A&M it’s academic.
What we don’t want to have is too end up playing the late game in Hoover! Win!!!

I figured out the tiebreak situation at the bottom. The three teams down there didn’t all meet, but they all played Vandy (which helps explain why Vandy has the best record in the league). VU swept Bama and SoCar and is playing UK. If UK wins one out of the three but remains tied with SoCar and Bama, UK would win that tiebreaker. If UK wins one and the other two get swept, there’s no need for a tiebreaker; SoCar and Bama go home. If they all get swept, it will progress down the conference standings until they find someone all three played.

The best team below Vandy they all played is Georgia. Kentucky took a game off Georgia, SoCar didn’t and Bama is playing them now. If they all get swept, UK wins the tiebreak and goes to Hoover. They also all played TAM but Georgia will have a better record than TAM.

I’m not sure I’d use the word “simple” to describe the path. In my view, the Hogs need to win today against TAM’s lefty ace (who has great control) to keep the edge over MSU who’s playing Vasser this week.

I’m not sure he meant “easy” when he used the word “simple.” I think it’s just a matter of being simple to compute. We now know we have to win at least one of our remaining two games to share or win the SECW. Win both, we have it solo. Win one, we get at least a share with the tie-breaker going for us. But we still have to win. We know that’s not gonna be easy. We also know MSU ain’t likely to lose1, and surely not 2, against a weak SC team in Starkvegas.


Just time to win… this team does it well.

I know this: I don’t want to end up in a tie with Mississippi State. I want to win the West, not tie for the title of division champs.

Listening to TV last night, it sounded like the possibility exists that we might only play two games due to weather. Anyone hearing more on that?

Tonight looks like a go, Saturday not so much. Matt could very well have a weather update. … s-if-need/

I am in Austin and this whole section of Texas is looking nasty for Saturday, especially noon on.

If they can’t play Saturday, they will play Sunday if the game has an affect on the seeding in Hoover. I don’t see how it wouldn’t. Even if Arkansas is locked into a seed, there is a lot of fluctuation as to where Texas A&M could wind up. I haven’t checked today, but coming into the series the Aggies could finish as high as No. 5 or as low as No. 10.

The latest National Weather Service report for College Station calls for a 60-70 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m.