Pat Forde on Will Wade

As in how does this guy still have a job?

It’s bad news for both sports at LSU if the NCAA moves both the Wade allegations and the LSU booster stealing money to pay a football player to the IARP committee. Schools don’t generally escape lack of institutional control charges and two simultaneous violations in the two main sports are pretty much LOIC. Kansas basketball and football charges both got sent to IARP, and LOIC is one of the five Level I charges against the Prairie Chickens.


I don’t despise LSU as much as some on this board do, but I’m getting there.

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Aloha Jeff,

Thanks for bringing the article to the forum. By the way, do you happen to know the other three SEC basketball schools currently under NCAA investigation?


I always thought of them as a rival, but never developed a hatred till I lived for 2 years in Lake Charles and witnessed first hand the intolerable attitude they have.

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I believe other two SEC basketball schools under investigation are Auburn and South Carolina.

Alabama too. Connected to Collin Sexton’s recruitment. A Bama basketball staffer resigned back in 2017 over this. Yes the wheels of NCAA justice grind very slowly. If at all.

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