Pat Casey to LSU?

D1Baseball is reporting this may happen.

The legendary former Oregon State coach is 62.

Would be a huge storyline but it’s far from a given that his success at OSU would translate to Baton Rouge.

Also, I don’t know why anyone from Oregon would want to live in BR, but I suppose that’s beside the point.

The scenery in Oregon is the only reason to ever cross into the state.


With all the crap going on in Oregon these days, especially Portland and thats just a little bit north of Corvallis, I’d be ready to get outta dodge if it was me. Them people be crazy up there. Life in the Big Easy might not be too bad for a last stop before retirement.


Petra and I visited Portland and the surrounding area when Arkansas played in the PK Classic.,

We found the area beautiful and the people to be great.

I fully realize what has gone on with issues, but i am not going to bash a city or an area for the actions of a few.

That - to me - would be like trashing Northwest Arkansas if something bad happened somewhere in NE or Central Arkansas or vice-versa.


Why did he retire from OSU? I don’t remember the story. Why retire from a school where you are a “legend” and then go somewhere else?

I guess you could decide that retirement was not for you. I do get that (my dad retired about 5 times! He couldn’t stay retired)

I know several great people from Oregon. I personally didn’t care for Portland the two times I have been (the people were nice) but LOVED central Oregon. I spent a week in the Bend area, WOW, just WOW.

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