Pat Bradley

What’s the deal with the Shootah’s move to Bean Town? Did he land a sports talk gig there or just move to be closer to his parents? Or did he simply say yes when she said “please come to Boston”.

His sister is in bad health so he moved to Boston to take care of her. His sister is blessed to have a brother like him.

Thanks. I didn’t know that. Very unselfish act on Pat’s part. I think I heard that he will still be doing commentary for the SEC Network during the season. I hope so.

Shootah can live pretty much anywhere and still work for SECN. Same as Mort can live here and still cover NFL for ESPN. Probably easier for him to get where he needs to be from Logan Airport rather than LIT.

Yes, his contract with SECN is still good. However, I am sure the status of his sister’s health will dictate how much he does for SECN. .

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