Pat Bradley on working for the SEC Network … k-analyst/

Comments: Its about time the UA have representation, a broadcaster that is familiar with the program that will provide the color to our home televised games. You can’t imagine the loss benefits the program endured for so many years, now if we can get representation at the national broadcast level we are rolling. Regardless it seems the pieces are falling into place

not surprised at all.his reports on ch.7 during the season and listening to him during post game shows prove he knows the game and he makes it easy for anyone to understand.

As long as you can cut through the Bahstun accent… :lol: Seriously, glad to hear this.

Huh, there’s no doubt Pat will do a good job. I’m speaking to the bigger picture another recruiting tool the UA in the past has never benefited from, it seems we were the only school within the SEC that did not have an analyst that had inside knowledge of the program that personally knew the players and coaching staff at every opportunity talked the program up again the other SEC schools has benefit from this for years…

Pat is doing a fabulous job today on SECN. I knew he would. He is never at a loss for words, a key skill required for a in-studio show. He has had good training debating with sharp witted Justin Acri on his radio show. Plus of course he has the knowledge of the game inside out. And he is so good talking to the players at their level.

And just today he has mentioned the name of my favorite coach three times already, Nolan Richardson. You can count on him bringing up Nolan at least once a week during the basketball season.