Pat Beverley unhinged on First Take

Pat Beverly holds nothing back no matter what or who the discussion is about. Takes it right to Stephan A and I love it.

Sure Stephen A loves it too. He wants everyone to argue and debate. That is why that show brings in good ratings and has made him one of the highest paid guy at ESPN.

Maybe Stephan A does love it for the ratings but Patrick seems to factually and humorously steal his thunder most of the time. Without being so obnoxious like Stephan A is all the time.

That is exactly what players say after the game when he guards them.

Stephen Smith is the worst. I refuse to listen.

Man, he really despises CP3.

I got nothing on this. I was really pissed when Stern kept CP3 from teaming up with Kobe. Probably cost Kobe at least one more ring.
Anybody that has read my posts knows how much I loved Kobe.

As far as Bev, he reps the Razorbacks on social media, and I appreciate that, but I don’t recall a single thing he did as a Hog.

No argument from me. Beverley is an absolute great defender. Probably the best defender, pound for pound, in the game. His defensive motor is just on another level from most everyone else.

But his mouth and his bullying antics are very unflattering. You can be “honest” about critiquing and breaking down another player, without being a disrespectful jerk. Well, most everyone but Beverley can.

Let’s face it, if Patrick Beverley wasn’t a former Hog, many people on this site probably wouldn’t think too highly of him.

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I remember a lot about Beverley. His SO year (his last one), 2007-08 he played on a really good team that Heath had assembled. To prove how good that team was, Pelphrey, our worst basketball coach ever, won 23 games, took them to the NCAA tournament and won a game. That team had Sonny Weems, Patrick Bev, Darian Townes, Charles Thomas, Gary Ervin, and Steven Hill on it. I followed the team to San Juan for a November tournament. We got to meet Darian’s Mom and Aunt after a game at the team hotel outside at the pool bar. Very nice ladies.

That same team won 21 games the season before, so those same players were back to back NCAAs and 20+ win teams, with pretty bad coaching their first year and awful coaching their 2nd year.

As for Patrick, his freshman year, he led those same players in scoring and was 2nd in assists.
The thing that stands out to me more than leading the team in scoring the first year, is that, as a sophomore on that team he led them in rebounding as a 6’ 1" guard. that team had 6’ 10" Townes and 7 ft Steven Hill. I thought that was an amazing feat. His scoring dropped a couple points a game, as Weems took more of the scoring load.

Patrick was an outstanding overall player in his 2 years here.

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I remember Bev exploded for 29 points in his first game as a Hog. I remember he hit a bunch of 3 pointers and hardly missed a shot.

I remembered it in his first exhibition game, but I remembered it as 39 points. I thought then, that Rotnei Clark broke that record with 40+ later in an exhibition game. I am at an age, though, that my memory is not at it’s best. You could be right at 29.

Edit: PJ, I see where you got the 29 points. You are right, it was Patrick’s first regular season game. Not his first exhibition. I could still be wrong about 39 in that exhibition game. I can’t find stats on any exhibition games.

I may have blocked those years out of my memory, Larry. I lost interest for a while until Coach A came back.

Joe Kleine said Patrick ripping Chris Paul would be like him (Kleine) ripping Hakeem O. :sunglasses:

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