Pat Beverley unhinged on First Take

If you have not watched it, it is worth watching the rerun or demand. Pat does not like CP3 and holds nothing back. The one plus hour segment was with Pat and JJ Redick. JJ is one of the best guys on ESPN talk shows. Worth watching Pat’s views on CP3, Pheinix Suns, Harden, Stef and others, unhinged.

Pat has a big future on TV.

Stupid, stupid question: CP3???

I know who CP3O and R2D2 are, but can’t figure out CP3!


Chris Paul :grin:

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That was my thinking as I read this; of course I was also watching Return of the Jedi as I read PJ’s comment. Funny life we have.


C3PO :thinking:

Long day, yes, it was C3PO!

Not sure I agree PJ. CP3 is a popular player who got coned by PB. Maybe you are being sarcastic? I think he was weak and condescending.

CP3 was absent vs. the Mavericks Sunday night. So we’re the rest of his teammates. Frequently happens to CP3 and he’s 37. He’s likely close to being done. Beverly has a mouth but I’m no fan of Chris Paul either.

You don’t have State Farm?:smile::smile::smile:

Chris Paul turned into CP31QTO in the second round smh

Pat turned the panel his way on Chris Paul and the Suns but he also injected his assertion that the Suns had no plan if Paul’s production fell. Jason Kidd was given credit for a solid gameplan conceived from his knowledge and understanding of the Suns and Chris Paul. Good post game discussion.

Pat Beverley has been unhinged for a while.

Not my favorite former Razorback.

I have much admiration for Patrick Beverley. Either he, or a very smart advisor, figured out his path to the NBA. Patrick embraced that path, worked his a$$ off for several years, and became a great defender (3 years All NBA Defensive team). He added very good 3 point shooting.

He toiled in the Ukraine, Greece, and Russia for 5 years working on his craft. He was cut at least twice by NBA teams during that span. Finally Houston took note and signed him to a multi-year NBA contract. Not many persons in the US are driven enough to persevere through all that to reach their ultimate goals.

He’s now making millions in the NBA and deserves every penny. He may not be a perfect human (who is?), but there’s also a lot of good in him, proven by how much his teammates think of him.

I admire him for his drive and tenacity in achieving his dreams. I wish I would’ve had half that drive when I was 20 years old.


I also admire him. Yes, he speaks his mind but I sure enjoyed seeing him go toe to toe with that loud mouth Steven A!

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Focus, drive, and perseverance are admirable qualities. He was also smart enough to use his ability and has made millions, that’s also admirable.

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I agree with your take on his mouthing off on CP3. But I do think he showed a future in TV, kind of like a Barkley saying what he thinks rather than what may sound good. I see networks are looking more and more of how Barkley analyzes the game and players.

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Incidentally I thought Mason Jones would follow the path Bev took to NBA. Hope that happens.

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I’d love to see that happen. Mason doesn’t have what many call NBA athleticism, but he has NBA basketball talent. He just needs to hone it, much like Patrick did.

Wasn’t Mason one of the highest scorers in the G-League the last 2 years. I thought he would have got a real shot with a team by now.

Yes Mason was. Also, he had a few 10 day contracts with NBA teams. Hope he makes it next season. But it is so hard to crack the NBA rotation and eventually you get waived. Beverley got in based on his defense and intensity. Not sure if Mason has that.

See how much trouble Isaiah and Moses are having cracking the rotation. Today’s NBA guards need to be aggressive and be able to take defender off the dribble and score. Both have not shown they can do that consistently. They let the game come to them too much, Mason is aggressive and loves to use dribble to score. I think he gets it done next year due to his offense and not defense like Beverley.

Mason just made NBA G-League First Team.