Passion for our Hogs

The last few weeks I’ve seen a lot of that from posters on this board plus friends and family back home. Some of that passion came out as speculation about who we should hire, cracks at each other over those and other opinions and threats of giving up on the Hogs. It’s been funny at times, maddening at times bu always entertaining. It’s shown me that a lot of Razorback fans care very deeply even if we don’t agree.

Today I watched Sam Pittman with that same passion. He left no doubt that a dream of his has come true. He left no doubt that this is his dream job. He left no doubt that he will demand fundamentals and toughness from his players. And he left no doubt that he will work tirelessly to recruit SEC type players. He addressed his team several times and let them know he wanted to build a relationship with each of them.

It’s been really great to see folks on this board get behind Pittman even if he was not their 1st pick. And it’s kinda amazing watching posts showing that support since yesterday. But that’s what Razorbacks do. Pull together.

I won’t guarantee Sam will turn this thing around but he’s shown me more passion for the Razorbacks than any coach since Ken Hatfield. I like it. Welcome home Coach Pittman.


Better job saying it than I did but we agree on this

Well said indeed. Somebody needs to mint about 50,000 “IAMWITHSAM” buttons or car stickers. Capitalize while the honeymoon is still ablaze. Border it with those running Razorbacks.