Passing of Gerald Skinner

Arkansas great Gerald Skinner of Fort Smith passed away this morning. Gerald finished in 1976 and was part of a great offensive line that won the Cotton Bowl after the 1975 season. He was a very fine offensive tackle on the field and a gentle giant off the field.

Gerald is my age, 64. I knew him very well. He was a past president of the Fort Smith Razorback Club.

Gerald was at deer camp this weekend and did not wake from his sleep this morning.


What was Gerald’s career after football?

Gerald was owner/operator of an athletic club in Fort Smith.

That’s a shame. Prayers for the Skinner family and Fod bless them!

Prayers for the Skinner family. Very sad.

He & I were at the UA at the same time. I knew him, but not well. I remember him as a very nice guy. So sorry to hear about his passing. Much too young

Very sad to hear. I thought he was very good for us. Prayers for his family

He spent some time in the NFL too, with the Packers, I think.

Sad to see this. Prayers for his family.
The silver lining is he didn’t suffer through
a long time bout with illness and pain.

I remember him.

I knew him and his brother Mike who played at UCA out of Malvern where both were David Alpe stars. Both really, really good dudes. Spent time on the lake with Mike who talked glowingly about his big brother. Definitely better times for the UofA. How our riches on OL overflowed even though we mostly had AR kids with a few from Tx and a big guy from Colorado or the like. I’d love to hear what Gerald thought about the devolution of our line play recently.

It was just two years ago that I had Thanksgiving dinner with Gerald. His wife is a close friend of one of my cousins. Really nice guy who I enjoyed talking with. So sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family.

That hurts. Gerald was great guy.

Gentle giant like Clay said.

so sorry .praying for the family.

About a year and a half ago, JWright, AZHawg and the SC fan (AZHawg’s wife) and I rode the train from Springdale to Van Buren. Once we got there we had a few hours to wander around the downtown area. We went into a small shop. The lady there was quite delightful and when she found out that three of us were big Hog fans, she mentioned that her husband just happened to be a former Razorback. Once she mentioned his name, AZHawg and JWright knew who he was immediately. In fact, AZHawg thought that he had been in class with him. It was Gerald Skinner.

I bought something there and then the four of us wandered up the street to get lunch. The lady at the shop called her husband to tell him about us. He came to the restaurant where we were eating and spent several minutes with us. He was such a nice man and we thoroughly enjoyed talking with him.

May he RIP.

At a loss. Played with Gerald at UA. More importantly we hung out together in Fayetteville. He taught me to cook burgers and to this day they are excellent. Many scuba diving trips to Beaver lake. He also had a unique way to eat a watermelon with no hands. You had to be there to visualize it. Never will forget the trip to the Cayman Islands to dive and the many roadtrips we took. Never will forget his smile, most unique in the world. If you did not get to know Gerald you truly missed out. RIP my friend. WPS.

Thanks for noting his passing. I remember Dave Campbell Arkansas magazine noting Gerald Skinner as a top football player before his senior year at Malvern. I was excited we had a top lineman prospect to go to Arkansas and compete with the likes of those at Texas. I never forgot him. He will surely be missed.

Did not know him personally, as my family was living in El Paso and so I attended UTEP and not Arkansas. But, like many others here, I am a contemporary of Gerald, having graduated in 1975. I remember his teams and his contribution to them well.

From the comments that precede this post, it’s obvious that I missed out by not knowing the man - only the player. It’s always sad when someone passes, particularly someone who everyone who knows them feels made a positive contribution. But at the age many of us are reaching, it is also a sober reminder of our own mortality.

Condolences to the Skinner family.

Prayers for his family. I had some classes with him at the University, and real fine guy.

Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the loss of your friend. He must have been a special guy. Prayers for friends and family.

In the mid 90’s Gerald managed the Pine Bluff Boys Club, called Seabrook YMCA, which was a facility for kids, both boys and girls, to play softball, soccer and basketball. He was a mountain of a man with the biggest legs I have seen. They were like tree trunks. He was so nice and easy going, but one big son of a gun.

Anyway, we were at my daughter’s basketball game one Saturday morning…the game was competitive and the parents were getting rowdy, like Little League parents sometimes do. It was noisy and parents were yelling and raising cain with the basketball refs. Well, Gerald who was a gentle giant as you guys said, walks out in front of the crowd and holds up his arms for everybody to be quiet…an instant hush. You could have heard a pin drop. Nobody disobeyed the big man.

There was not one soul there that was going to make any noise. He was so easy going, but everybody knew it was time to shut it down.