Passing innacuracy....

Storey was serviceable. But the continued lack of accuracy from him and Kelley in decently clean pockets is what I don’t understand.

Storey is a major college QB, and has had tons of reps. But he can’t hit a RB in stride on swing pass, where that is critical. Same on WR screens. I recall at least 5 or 6 of those type plays where the throw basically ruined the play. Accuracy is so important.

Storey is gritty and means well. He’s got a little game. I applaud his effort. But he needs to throw the ball better. We got no hope if he doesn’t.


The most disappointing thing to me about the start is the offense. I said more than once Noland had to be an immediate answer or we had no chance and I still feel that way - actually even more so.

Ty and Cole are not the answer nor will they ever be the answer. It’s not a matter of want to or toughness - it’s purely lack of SEC talent.

Arkansas will have to score 24+ to have any chance against A&M, Ole Miss,Vandy, etc.

I don’t see us doing that with Ty or Cole at QB and perhaps Noland would no better at this point in his development.

Oh well … I will continue to watch for and find satisfaction in improvement and effort.

The ball he threw to Boyd was a good pass Boyd just dropped it. it was placed to where he could have turned up the field quickly. We should have came back to that pass all night as much pressure as Auburn was bringing we did a very poor job of attaclking thier blitz package.

I think Ty can get better but he is not the long term answer. I have been told numerous times by those that have attended practice that Ty makes better decisions and is pretty accurate in practice. He was playing scared in the first 3 games but last night he seemed more determined than scared. He needs to become confident and last night was the starting point as well as CCM stating that we are sticking with him as the starter this week. He didn’t get pulled for mistakes so he got to play through them.

Don’t forget what the sack beatings did to the confidence of AA and BA. Ty has been on the sidelines so long that he has lost his confidence and that would be quite easy behind this Oline. Ty is not experienced and has very few D1 game snaps. CK started 3 or 4 games last year but Ty played a few series at most.

Let’s pray that Ty can improve enough that we don’t throw Noland to the wolves over the next 2 games. I want to see this OLine stabilize a starting 5 and see our offense find some consistency against A&M and Bama before we throw Noland into this mess again.

He should have put Noland in the game for a series each half, at least. In 3-4 games, Noland might be ready to play a bigger role. I think Morris needs to take over this offense and the play calling. The defense is decent, but the offense is horrible. Are they even working with the special teams?

Good question on special teams but i think it’s mostly depth. It’s a fine line. Don’t want to get starters hurt on special teams. But we need athletes there because it can just kill us. We looked slow on special teams. No atlleticism. Again, like all other aspects of this team, lack of talent.

Ty is no Tom Brady, but you can’t throw on your back.

That was as vicious a front seven you will see in college ball.

And Auburn can cover lights out with superior athletes.

We seem to have one receiver who can separate and I think he’s a freshmen.

We are undermanned and Ty may not be national title like, but he played with heart against Auburn.