Passes Intercepted By: Hogs #1 Nationally

First, I sure don’t want to jinx us, but I’m wondering how true this statistic, “Passes Intercepted by” will hold for the Hogs through the remainder of the season. Four SEC games seems like a meaningful sample.

But, #1 Nationally? And for those of you growing up in Alabama, that means #1 in the SEC, too.

Lots of fun last weekend as we collected 6 of our 10 defensive interceptions, but even the difference of “4” would have us tied with TAMU for sixth in the SEC.

For those that think #1 after just four games is sort of meaningless, consider the Hogs’ 2019 season results had them at #113 and 13th in the SEC.

Nine of the interceptions came in the Mississippi State and Ole Miss games. I don’t think Arkansas is going to see teams that will throw it that much on the back half of the schedule, but I think somewhere between 15-20 is an obtainable goal for the season.

LSU led the league with 16 last year, and that was in 13 games.

Interesting on a couple levels. First, we won both of those. Second, after reviewing the stats, there were no interceptions recorded in the game at Auburn, when it rained throughout. Funny. Seems to indicate that the rain may have impacted the way we played defense more than it impacted Aubie’s offense.

The blind/cheating SEC ref’s were our worst enemy in that game. Both teams
faced the same weather. Allburn knows the ref’s GAVE/GIFTED them that win.
The unethical lords of the SEC knows it also.

I don’t think it indicates anything of the sort. Auburn only attempted 28 passes; hard to pick a pass that’s never thrown. Was that because of the weather or because Nix wasn’t accurate (completed 17 of 28)? My guess is some of both. The effectiveness of their running game, especially Bigsby, also kept the number of passes down IMO.

We broke up four passes against Auburn; it’s hard to tell from the stats whether that’s getting a hand on the ball or separating the receiver from the ball with a hit, but it’s conceivable that one or more of those PBUs could have been an INT.

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