Pass Interference or not behind the line of Scrimmage?

Among the blown or potential blown officials’ calls in the TAM game, I’m wondering about the Starkel to TAM interception from the three yard line midway in the second quarter.

I’ve seen some comments on this board along this line of thought, but I’ve yet to see a definitional interpretation…

While some folks seem to argue that it was not defensive interference (on the near tackle of Boyd), my understanding is that defensive interference can be (or should be called) if beyond one yard from the neutral zone. The LOS is just outside of the three yard line, Boyd was hit hard right at the five yard line. I think that’s defensive interference and should have been flagged against TAM. Am I incorrect…?

Google is your friend. There is no pass interference at or behind the line of scrimmage.

But they can be called for another foul, I’m assuming, since he tackled him, defensive holding may have been a good call.

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Google is your friend. There is no pass interference at or behind the line of scrimmage.
[/quote]Thanks, but I’m not sure that’s accurate…after reading the official rules

I was told you can’t take down an eligible receiver like that. Oh well.

Odd that two Arkansas receivers were knocked down prior to the ball arriving. Both overlooked by the refs.


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you should never be able to knock down and stop a player from Catching a ball,makes no sense whatsoever IMO…needs to changed.

The ball was thrown after Boyd was knocked down. Maybe just as Starkel was beggining to throw, but the ball had not been released yet. It was a bad play call at the goal line IMO

Yes, as Starkel was throwing (he hadn’t released yet) Boyd was knocked down.

I do agree, I think it was a bad call, and he wouldn’t have made it (May have lost yardage).