PA's John David White commits to Hogs … mits-hogs/

If they don’t sign all 29 spots, will he be first in line to get one?

A program certainly needs these type guys, especially Arkansas. would not bet against him becoming a real contributor.

Too early to say but I think he would be a candidate.

I’ve seen him play and I agree.

This young man will be a player for the Hogs sooner rather than later… he is one of the best downfield blocking wideouts I’ve watched on tape in a long time and runs precise routes.

You could tell that he show wanted to be a Razorback, but was a very thoughtful young man who was also worried about his parents having to at least initially paying for college vs. the full ride.

His parents - who are good folks - just wanted him to be happy.

I think this decision certainly does that.

He’s not a big guy, but gets to the spot he is supposed to be, catches the ball and make plays.

There’s certainly a lot to be said for that.

I know people toss out comparisons to Drew Morgan, but I see more a Wes Welker-type.

I’d take either of those guys…

As for a full ride vs PWO, I would have to look really hard at the Full Ride