Participation List

Are these made public? I am wondering about the number of DBs who played against MSU. I can count nine. Did Bush, Chavis, or Mason play? I know that Parodi returned punts. Did he also play defense?

Here’s a link:

Just cursor down to the 5th page. That’s your participation list for the MS St game.

Chavis played, Bush and Mason didn’t, and there’s no way to know if Parodi played on D unless he got a tackle or other defensive stat; the participation list doesn’t break that down.

Interesting that Karch Gardiner is listed as having played and making a tackle. I think he’s the WR who made the one handed catch that got some attention in the pre-season. He made a tackle towards the end of the 2nd quarter on a pass for a one yard gain. Either he’s been moved to defense or they mistook him for Kelin Burrle, a true freshman LB, who is also listed as #33.

Gardiner could be on special teams and make a tackle there. But if he was credited on a pass play that’s probably stat team mistake.

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