Parkview's Landon Rogers commits to Arkansas

I guess no Salter then.

Why? Different calibers of QB.

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I wouldn’t say that. Landon has as much upside as any QB I’ve seen. Elite arm. You have to take him and hope to develop.

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Arkansas may end up needing to bring in two QBs anyway. Jack Lindsey is a Senior, and I’m thinking John Stephen Jones will end up transferring after the season. And of course, Feleipe Franks is also a Senior.

They will bring in two.

Big, strong arm, powerful, fast. Thrilled he will be a Razorback.

Good get. I was hopeful of this.

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This guy right here has Incredible Potential! has Malletts arm with 4.5 speed,once he polishes up his accuracy,He has a chance to be SPECIAL!!! Love the pickup!

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If the Oline gets fixed, then the mobile QB doesn’t need to have tremendous accuracy. If the defense must protect against the QB rush or scramble, then the receivers will normally get open.

Our problem has been, a slow or inexperienced QB playing behind an inadequate Oline that has caused our QBs to make perfect passing decisions and perfect passes. It’s been a recipe for ultimate failure.

I agree about the mobile quarterback opens up the field allows players to get open, but the key is when they’re open you have to be able to complete the pass,his big problem has been accuracy from what I understand… makes some great throws and then is nowhere near on some.

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Big and fast and will get bigger and faster. With that arm defensive’s will have a lot to respect with all of those tools, Will require some good coaching (which at the moment he will get) to work on his accuracy and touch.
I think it’s an instate kid that couldn’t be passed up. Lock him in early, great job by this staff.

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