Parkview Patriots

Living here in Little Rock we all know they always have a good team. But in respect to Current, Future, and Potential Hogs ,it’s really amazing. Daryl Macon, Anton Beard, Khalil Garland, and Justin Franklin all played on the same team. Ethan Henderson and Moses Moody came later. That is a lot of talent coming from one school. It is a testament to the toughness and winning attitude Coach Flannigan demands. He preaches defense, and I have heard first hand stories from my brother , that when Coach Flannigan stares at you, you feel like he is looking at your soul. I was glad when my brother told me he was going to Parkview, because I knew he was going to play against the best. He is just in the 10th now, he has already adapted the Parkview swag.

really good nurse, wonderful person, very positive. That’s just a great family.

I went to Catholic, but I always pull for Parkview and the Flannigans


Parkview is one of my adopted teams. Like to sit behind Patriot’s bench and watch Coach. They’ve got great fans too. Very knowledgeable basketball fans and fun to talk to.