Parkview Coach Flanigan talks future Hogs, breaks news (audio)

on Recruiting Thursday. … uture-hog/

That is big news Richard. he did a great job stepping into Rip’s shoes. He will be missed. Hope they find a coach that can keep the program at the level it is accustomed to. Razorbacks need that,

Agree. He’s one fun coach to watch. He’s great for the game.

Enjoyed the interview. Couple of interesting tidbits. He still considers Anton Beard family, even though Anton transferred to NLR for his senior year. He also said he “recruited” Garland out of Forrest Heights. All this time I thought it was the arts program that was pulling those great players to Barrow Road. LOL! As far as next year being his final year, I doubt it. Not as long as his grandson Alan still has eligibility. I bet he goes at least two more years. He is fun to watch. If I’m watching Parkview play, I’ll do everything I can to sit behind the Parkview bench. Richard do you think Javon will play for Coach’s son at Holmes next year?

In LR you now choose your HS in 8th grade I believe so it is legal to recruit now.

Yeah I wasn’t suggesting that Coach Al was doing anything wrong. Just find it funny that a high school coach openly talks about recruiting.

We need a coach like him at Central to elevate their basketball program to export some jewel’s.

Richard will give you an official answer on that, but It has been mentioned by Bill Ingram (I think) or someone else on radio that Javon will be playing for Jason Flanigan and hopes to become a Hog in two years, following in the footsteps of Darryl Macon. Incidentally, Jason Flanigan’s assistant coach is Jason Harrison, who has Ole Miss ties of course. Ole Miss is the other option.

Also, I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but Jason Harrison and Macon are cousins.

Jason used to wear us out. If that guy had Daryl’s size, he would have been unstoppable.