I got a parking pass at Ray Winder field, I don’t know Little Rock that well. In the Demo-Grazette it shows a map showing you can get there by taking 12th street . I have always gotten off at Markham St. How many blocks is it from Markham to the 12 st exit ? I will be coming from Fayetteville .

My last few years with WMS tickets they parked me at Ray Winder. Or Lot 4 which is about the same thing, just across the street. Go east on 12th Street probably 3/4 mile from University Blvd. and turn left on Jonesboro. You won’t miss the turn; there will be police there directing. Jonesboro is four blocks east of Fair Park Blvd.

Here’s how I used to get there from NWA: 40 to 430 to 630 to the University exit. Go south on University (turn right). First light from the exit is 12th Street. Turn left on 12th, proceed past Fair Park to Jonesboro and turn left.

I go through the back of the park to get to my spot, and go by the old Ray Winder. Depending on where you are coming from your route might change, but I take 430 to Cantrell, turn right on University, go under 630 and turn left on 12th to get to the back side of the zoo. It is much better than getting on Markham. You might sit on Markham for two hours.

Thanks guys :+1:

Warning to all that don’t live in LR, I-630 from University to I-430 is under construction and it gets real hairy around University and 630 as well as Mississippi and 630. You might think about getting off at Mississippi//Rodney Parham and head South to 12th and then just follow 12th down to University and then on to the turn that leads to Ray Winder.

I live in LR and after one drive West on 630 over University I have stayed off of it.

LRHAWGFAN, your saying take 630 but get off at s Miss.then take 12 th street ?

Yes. I think you will have less headaches this way than using University.

Will do thanks very much !!

Just tell the cops you’rea member of whole hog and they’ll get you next to the stadium.

Now that’s comedy right there! :lol: