Parking suggestions for tomorrow

It’s been a decade or more since I went to a football game without a parking pass… Thinking about parking at Baum East since I have a couple going with me that can’t really walk up and down the hills in the heat… anybody have any information about that and what time do I need to be there to get a spot?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

If you or the couple have an ADA state issued parking permit, I believe you can park in Lot 56 (corner of Rzbk rd and MLK), then they have shuttle/buses that takes you directly to gates 1, 10, or 16 and picks you up at gate 16 after the game and takes you directly back to lot 56.

That would be great but they don’t have an ADA parking permit nor do I… they’re not really disabled just not able to walk up and down the hills in the heat of the day, or anytime probably LOL… If it was just me I’d be fine walking it from anywhere around there…
I know that Baum East has a shuttle as well… just not sure how quickly that fills up with a sellout… appreciate the response…

There is so much parking near Baum that I would be surprised if all of those lots fill up. You might have to walk a few minutes to the bus pickup/dropoff, but it is relatively flat around the ballpark. The buses are going to be more crowded the closer to game time. Masks are required on the buses, and there might be capacity limits due to covid.

The shuttles are great getting to the game. The problem I’ve had is getting back after the game. Everyone leaving at once. If you are patient they work great.

Thanks guys… plan to be there around 3:30 or so… I don’t think they’ll have a problem walking back to the car… just don’t think they’d be comfortable walking up from there… Can’t wait for the game!! GO HOGS!

Consider parking at Fayetteville High for $15; long but not steep walk. I parked last weekend on the hill west of the stadium for $20, but we were just as far away and had a steeeep climb after the game plus traffic issues.

thanks… will give that a look

You can drive up Cleveland Hill about two hours ahead of game and pay to park in some yards.

and that’s what I do if it were just me but… that wouldn’t work for my sister and her husband :frowning:

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