Parking passes

I got my parking pass in mail this morning.

Good. Hope mine comes soon

Got mine this afternoon.

I believe they are re-doing the football parking spots for next season. I don’t think I would be high enough on the totem pole to move closer to the stadium, but in case, does anyone know if I can request to not move closer. I’m in lot 56 and want to stay there since we ride the shuttle which drops us off right at our gate, and picks us up at the same gate after the game.

If it’s like the basketball redo on parking, they’ll publish a map and the required donation for those lots. They gave us an option to prioritize our top 3 lots.

You worried me for a minute. I got my passes today and I’m still in lot 56. I also ride the shuttle and I have no interest in changing lots.

You also might be in line for a move closer to the stadium. Didn’t you up your donation to keep your baseball seats?

Indeed I did. But if I were closer to the stadium, I would be forced to walk. There are many reasons for me to park in Lot 56. I live just off of the intersection of 15th and School. Getting into and out of Lot 56 is very convenient for me

Walking is not a bad thing, but I dropped my new TV on my foot last weekend and the thought of walking up the hill is a bit much.


I don’t know what would bother me more, a fractured foot or a fractured TV. Probably the TV. The foot will heal, after all.

I bought a TV at Walmart three years ago, took it out of the box and it was cracked and nonfunctioning, and I had lost the receipt so I couldn’t take it back. Fortunately it was a relatively cheap Vizio, but still that was $400 flushed.

I don’t think the TV is hurt, it didn’t fall far and the top of my arch cushioned its fall.

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That’s exactly why I don’t want to move. I’m sure I’m older than you and as you said, the uphill walk to the stadium is beginning to take a toll on me. I’ve had lower back trouble for the last 5 or 6 years and the shuttle ride is getting more and more enjoyable. My daughter and son-in law also like the shuttle instead of the uphill trek. I do need to walk more, but just not up that dang hill.

Sorry about your foot. I hope it heals quickly.

Maybe, maybe not. I’m considered older than dirt by some. :grinning:

I know that I’m older than Clay.

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Hey, if they aren’t throwing dirt on top of you, don’t worry!

:rofl: :rofl:

Yeah if you’re looking down at the daisies, not looking up, you’re okay.

I’m old enough to consider Clay to still be a “young whippersnapper”.

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Just to let you know, I talked to the ticket office and they confirmed what ricepig said, that they will send out an email like they did for basketball parking. You will give them your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of parking lots. If your first choice is a lot below your donation level, you will definitely get your first choice. So we both should be good to go for staying in lot 56 with the shuttles.

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Me and Clay share June 26th as our birthday. But he’s 3 years younger than me. But we’re both old. But young at heart.

I took a tour of the O’Mara track center today. (I had seen it before, but JWright had not. I got two tickets for the track center tour and he got two for the baseball facility.)

John Matsko conducted the tour and mentioned that there would be a redo on football parking. Your scenario is exactly what he told me. He assured me that because of my new donation level, I would be able to stay in lot 56.

I never assume that anyone will have a clue who I am, but John called me by name. I told him that I was more well known to those working baseball. :rofl:

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