Parking at Baum

I’ve not been to a baseball game since Dominick Ficocello(sp) was manning first base

I’m going tomorrow, but parking perplexes me. Where do I park? My wife is 5 weeks out from a knee replacement so if I ha e to walk a long way it’s a deal breaker.

Any info would be wonderful


There is limited parking right across the street in the Baum East lot, but a lot of that is now scholarship parking. There is general parking northwest of the stadium. It would be a 2-3 block walk

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You may need to drop her off as close to Baum as possible and go park the car by yourself.


If you have a handicap placard, there’s good parking just east of Baum across Razorback Rd. If you get there early, you can probably park in that lot without a problem. It’s a big lot.

Last year it was general parking, I believe. If it’s now scholarship parking, I agree you ought to drop her off and walk. I doubt there’ll be more than 4-5k tomorrow unless the weather is much better than today.

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There is $20 parking off of Beechwood, on the other side of the track, just north of the roundabout. That would be a walk of roughly one block.

There is public ADA parking available in Baum East, the big lot across Razorback Road.


Thanks folks. I’ll drop her off and then try to find a spot to park