Parker to Arkansas

Big get. … -arkansas/


Pleasantly surprised left lane.

Boom! This makes my day. Texas trash talking fan said we had no chance once they offered.

HUGE get IMO RD…HUGE…lots of big programs after him late and probably a higher rated kid then what he is currently. I had planned for the worse so I am PUMPED!!

Now…if we can land one more NOLA kid we have hit the trifecta for the day!!! :o :o :o

That would be the second player we beat Texas for. (DE from Oklahoma the other)

Really nice get by the staff!!

Looks like “The Chief” still has “it”!!!

Things are looking Up :smiley:

Tickle me Elmo!

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news!

I love beating Texass at anything.

Who cares about the class rankings now! Beating Texas out for a good players is a win today.
Chief needs some war paint!