Parker Goins is semifinalist for the Hermann Trophy

Which is the Heisman of college soccer.

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going up against last years winner, Rutgers has 2 semi finalists

It is a great honor just to be nominated.


Great young woman that came to do our Hog Trough Players show at The Grove Comedy Club in Lowell

Love to hear more about this.

We have been having three male and female student athletes out to the Grove Comedy Club in Lowell on Thursdays for basically long form interviews and a Q&A .

I’m the host.

We’ve had football, baseball, men’s and women’s basketball players and soccer players so far

We will restart it in January

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Wish I had known about it sooner. Did you mention it on the board?


But we’ll have much more publicity about it as we get started back up in Jan.

It’s free with dinner served beginning at 6 and the interviews/Q&A lasting from 7-8.

The athletes get paid via the NIL.


Awesome! Definitely want to come to some of those.

Congrats to her and good luck.

This is a nice thing you are doing. It helps student athletes get out and participate in public speaking. In my opinion anyone that is good at this trait can succeed in any career he or she chooses.

I am assuming this has nothing to do with NIL money, right?

Dudley said the athletes get paid to appear.

Thanks. I now noticed that he said that in his follow up post that I had not read at the time.

It’s a good little comedy club, food is not bad, decent drink prices, I would definitely recommend a visit.

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It’s a great comedy club, is one that is owned by one of my best friends, is five miles from my house and that Petra and I attend a lot.

It has had former Saturday Nigh Live cast members Jay Pharoh, Rob Schnieder, Jon Lovitz, Chris Kattan and Jim Bruer this year alone as well as John Crist, Carlos Mencia, Rodney Carrington, Heather McMahan, Christopher Titus, Brian Regan, Kevin Farley (the late Chris Farley’s brother) and Dusty Slay, who was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday)

Bobcat Goldthwaith (Dec.10-11) and Chris Tucker (Dec. 16-18) will be the headliners in the next couple of weeks.


Brian Regan was my first show and I was very happy. Been waiting for another comedian I want to see, I’ve heard going to see the local up-and-comers is good too.

Gotta see Chris Tucker! Keep us updated on performers, DD. I love stand up comedy.

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