Parker Coil tomorrow

Parker Coil will get a start on a Tuesday for the second consecutive week. UNLV will throw its No. 3 weekend arm.

Coil look like he had pretty good stuff last week.He has good mound presence, decent fastball, pretty good CB…

These games are all about this weekend when it counts. Sure, need to win, but way more importantly, need to get all set up for Auburn. That one counts in a big way. DVH all bud said so Sunday. He had a little more Tact than that, but that was what he meant.

I like the opportunity to get some young arms on the mound the next two days. The W is not important enough to waste any of the pitchers we will need this weekend. Great time to see how the youngsters do in real games.

I’m addition to the young pitchers getting on the mound I really would like to see Morris get on the mound and get to rolling!

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