Parker calls the Hogs (story)... … alls-hogs/


Video is impressive! Why no offers for this kid?

I think I read somewhere that that HS is under the radar because it has not created a lot talent.

So how does that affect Moody’s situation? What sort of numbers are we looking at for that position?

Not sure, I think it’s possible they sign who they want and worry about the numbers later.

Best I can tell he totally flew under the radar. You would be surprised how colleges have bypass a school that doesn’t have a history of producing DI athletes. A A&M reporter told they were getting on him but obviously it’s too late. Sounds like Chavis knew about him and didn’t tell A&M because he knew he was going to Arkansas.

I like that he runs a 4.56. That is fantastic for a linebacker.

Parker clearly has all the physical tools needed to play the LB position, now he just needs to be coached up and get used to the speed of the game and we may have found a diamond in the rough! He can easily put another 10lbs on his frame and I love his speed!!! Tru very well may be able to get him faster too! Looking forward to seeing how this young man develops!

Left lane hammer down.

He looks the part.

Coach Chavis sure saw something in him.

So we have another commit, he just hasn’t went public yet?

this kid is a player! very explosive.obviously overlooked why he is 2 * him and alexander are both the kind of players you need on defense.



A lot of it has to do with who offers a kid!
High motor and heart for defense!
Under the radar players can totally surprise you. ( Brandon B. ) walk on to the NFL.
One of the beast Olineman we have ever had.

he is in a collection of Newman/DeLa Salle and only a few blocks apart in the Garden District. When I was there Sophie Wright was a prized Middle School destination (long ago), but has great academic tradition. I now know from checking that Sophie B plays great bball, not sure where the football came from.l But hey, I knew John Curtis as Sam Barth elementary from some of my friends and took Curtis no time to be a LA power. Garden District to Fayetteville just strikes me as odd.

I am secretly fascinated and hope for the best… When I first read the official visitors then I had to check to find out why and how we could be going after a middle schooler, obviously not the case but I would have never guessed that Sophie Wright would become a high school football playing school. Welcome aboard. Kinda hard to put the hammer down on a street car, but if the kid can bring it and Chavis knows LB’rs then glad most traditional recruiters have to be benignly ignorant like me of Wright football. Not a powerhouse district, but who cares.