Parents of players and recruits

want a head coach and staff that truly care for their son’s well being and they feel comfortable turning their kid over to.

They feel like they have that with Bielema and the staff now.

That’s a major concern with parents going forward. They hope this coaching staff is here for another season.

There are a lot of coaches that are one way during the recruiting process and another once they get you on campus. From what I gather, Butch Jones was that way.

Richard , do you think he gets one more year?

I hope so

I’m not Richard but in my opinion that was signed sealed and delivered when they fired Jeff Long. CBB and his staff are next.
I don’t have any reason to believe he comes back. i hope we hear something positive about a new AD soon.

I do not either but with all the openings we will not get our 1st-7th choice so we end up with what?

This is why i want him for at least one more year

Good players back and good schedule= SUCCESS

I was impressed with what CBB said in his presser today about talking about Senior Day to recruits and that it should be emotional for all the right reasons. Would never think about that in recruiting. I’m sure parents love hearing that even if recruits aren’t impressed by it.

Question…not a flame on anyone or anybody…
Heard lots of worries about this recruiting class if CBB is fired…got to get a coach before early signing, etc. With all the supposed “recruiting misses”, miscalculations, miss-evaluations, recruiting shortfalls, etc. why is the recruiting class such a a concern if there is a new coach?

Will hit on some of this on Friday.

Are there seriously folks who think CBB might be retained? Good grief people put down the koolaid. It’s over.

No koolaid man. When you have a son you want to know he has a coaching staff that’s looking out for him.

Parents understand the business but they’re also concerned about who their son will be playing for and quite often they’ve done their research and know who they wouldn’t want their son to play for. … 874363001/

Yeah, I get it Richard. I have a teenager who hopes to play college sports someday, albeit at a smaller type school probably.

I just don’t see a need to play on everyone’s heart strings. The gig is up and hopefully the next UA coach will be equally as caring of his players as the current one.

This early signing date is looming large.

The concern is because we have some good players committed and i want to keep them!!!

If it is over then it needs to be said so they can tell the players now.

Also the early signing period is looming

Dudley has said that 8 of the 12 seem committed to the UA even if a change is made so that is a good start.

Richard, every good parent wants their son or daughter taken care of. This isn’t unique to Arkansas. Coach B had his time. In my opinion a coach is only as good as his assistants. He messed up on his OK hire!

I’m not doing that. I’m simply saying the parents want a coach that truly cares about their kid. There’s a good amount of coaches that aren’t like that and that concerns them. I’m just passing along what the parents are telling me.

As a parent, I agree that I want a coach that sincerely cares about my son’s well being and development. I also want a coach that is going to put him in the best position to succeed and develop his potential. I want my son’s high school and college experience to be fun and positive; and that includes tasting success. Winning. I want both. And I think there are those out there that can deliver both.

That’s a no brainer. Not saying winning isn’t part of the equation, but at the top of the list for parents is what I stated above.

So all those good feelings from all the recruits and parents got B.B. all the top recruiting classes for 4/5 years? If thats not Koolaid drinking I don’t know what is.

Been over this many times. Not sure you ever chimed in or not. I don’t care if you did.

It definitely helps with the parents.

But what matters is with the kids, and we know that wins is what they are attracted to. The more you win, the better you recruit.

The rest is just icing on the cake. Need a good quality coach though to give the parents that assurance, I agree.