Pardon my Take

Says Bryant will announce he is a Hog tomorrow. Thoughts?

Woo Pig Sooie!

We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow

That would be huge.

Hope they are correct.

Part of Bar stool.

I don’t know if that is a good thing or not Richard??

Never heard of the website before today.

Not sure what to take out of it.

I thought it was ESPN’s Pardon my Take. It’s not?

Edit: My son just pointed out it’s ESPN Pardon the Interruption and First Take. I combined.

Looked it up and said it’s a comedic show for Barstool Sports.

I had never heard of them before today either, but they have almost 350k twitter followers and they somehow broke the Mike McCarthy news yesterday - even before Schefter.

Dudley— what are your people in Fayetteville that were so confident a couple weeks ago saying lately? Are they less certain hence your couple comments about him being a great politician?

Noticed that too.

Pardon my take is pretty popular with my age group.
Pretty good pod cast to listen to.
Big cat is very popular.

Connected to barstool, which, of course is popular with my age group.

No Idea who their sources are. You can guarantee that it’s probably someone to do with barstool at Clemson, which will be someone who could potentially know Kelly Bryant.

That’s what I see in it.

Someone that’s familiar with them said they hit some and miss some so who knows.

As expected.

I hope they are right.

Wouldn’t put much stock in that site sounds like a parody site to me

Think Howard Stern doing sports talk, i generally tune them out but not always on my satellite radio. They legitimately take up some sports at times.

Yep on Band of Boars.
6 pm he will be a Hog!

They still seem confident.

We’ll see

I hope they are correct. It would be a huge
Hole filled for the hogs. Let’s hope they are able to sign at least 2 OL from the JC ranks that can play now.

I imagine if we get KB we will get both the JC o-linemen.
Momentum is magic in recruiting.