Paperclips in the playoffs

LSU beatdown on Georgia and Utah loss last night puts Mobilehoma in the CFP. Gag.

question now is will OSU or LSU be 1 seed.

tOSU would have to lose or really struggle against Wisky to lose the 1 seed. I’d guess LSU vs Clemson and tOSU vs Paperclips in the semifinals.

Ou is not one of the 4th best teams in the country. Bama and Auburn both would beat them easily.

Who really cares! I could care less. At this point I want to know who our HC will be!!!

Like OU. Fired up. Boomer Sooner!!

LSU’s body of work should have them in top spot now, but we know how that works. Bucks are struggling against wisc now, but expect Fields to take control in 2d half…if not sooner.

OU backed in. Really fortunate that Charlie Brewer got hurt. Either of the other 3 will spank they hineys.

Whisky up 14-0…wow

Let’s hire their coach

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If W goes up 3 tds here before half, bucks are in deep poop.

There’s a pretty darn good basketball game going on, by the way,.

Really good game!

hope so