Paper Tigers

After reading Bob Holts gushing article on these frauds, I’m really seeing red. Hopefully our guys come out breathing fire and take the fight to them. After the line play we’ve seen the past two games, the boys from Como probably aren’t going to seem all that imposing. Despite how we looked against Coastal, I still believe we would have run the gauntlet of pansies just as easily as Mizzou did if given the opportunity. Time to Fight, Fight, Fight and win one for the seniors and The Bielemer!

Problem playing Missouri though, we may move the ball better than against any other SEC defense we have played, and score 24-38 points. They’ll score 40+ against our defense.

Miss Steak didn’t score 40 or more last week. LSU didn’t score 40 or more either. I think our Defense is finally coming together. Maybe. Just maybe, they can play for four quarters on Friday.

Missouri’s defense is now where near as good as LSU or MSU, which is why I think we can score on them. But their offense is a lot better. They won’t mind getting in to a Big 12 shootout game. I could see them beating us 45-31.

I haven’t read it, but if I’m not mistaken Bob is a Missouri grad. I have no idea if that influenced his story. He’s a longtime & respected journalist who has covered the Razorbacks for years, so even if he were influenced, I don’t know where his first allegiance would lie.

Regardless, I hope our guys come out breathing fire, too. I’m not sure it’ll matter. Our secondary is no match for Lock. Maybe we can control the ball long enough & get some TO’s to keep them from scoring on every possession.