Paper says KState game on ESPN News -------------

---------------------- but YoutubeTV shows its on ESPN. I am hoping the TV is right and the paper is wrong. Anyone know for sure?

Everything I have seen is ESPNNews.

I just looked on my YTTV app and it shows ESPNews.

Well it can’t be on ESPN since they have the NFL game on Monday nights.

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My Directv guide says ESPN news also

I did a search for Razorback Mens Basketball on YoutubeTV and it shows us playing KState at 8:00. I look at the actual schedule on the guide and, of course, it shows Monday Night Football. Nothing comes up on a search for ESPN News so I guess YoutubeTV doesn’t have that. I have not seen mention of it being on ESPN+ or SEC+ or any other streaming service, so I guess I get to listen on the radio.

Wait! I went to the actual schedule on the school site, clicked on ESPN News, and it acts like it will let me watch as soon as it starts. Fingers crossed.

I don’t know what you’re looking at but my YTTV app has this (keep in mind I’m on Eastern time)

Upcoming: Arkansas at Kansas State, ESPNews • Today, 9:00-11:00 PM

On my guide ESPN News is listed as ESN. Have you tried searching for that?

If I am having trouble getting one to play, the schedule on will usually get me the right TV. Have done this many times for baseball especially. . . . I’ve never taken the time to figure out all the nuances of all the TV Channels, just take the shortcut.

It’s on ESPN News at 800.

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