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do we have a legit shot at this kid? what are his thoughts on Arkansas? i would imagine he could come in and start immediately for us.

Logic would say OU will be tough to beat out. He’s a former OU commit.

That said he does seem to really like Arkansas.

Simple answer, no we don’t have any shot at signing this offensive lineman from Oklahoma.
We couldn’t even sign our two top instate offensive linemen for next years class, Williams - Oklahoma and Thomas- Ole Miss.
At this point, with how little the TE’s are being utilized I won’t be surprised if Henry signs with established program out of state as well.

Go Hogs!

What a pessimist. Again, too many people are making bad assumptions on preconceived notions.

General, just my opinion and I like anyone else are allowed to express my opinion based on what I see and have seen.
Take Henry for example, other than staying at home and continuing the family legacy at Arkansas why would he feel signing with the Hogs would help to elevate his opportunity to play in possibly some of the biggest games during his college career and keep him in the top of the big board of TE’s in the country for his potential NFL draft position down the road?
I hope like you and all Hog fans that we can get these types of players in the near future, but until we actually do it we have to take a wait and see attitude.

Not a pessimist, more of a realist, sorry if that doesn’t fit your narrative.

Go Hogs!

I think almost all the pessimist I have known have claimed the
“realist” skin. They, by and large, were the habitual pessimist.

It’s always hard to beat OU for players of this caliber, but the possibility of immediate playing time has to be appealing to him. He might could have that at OU, but he definitely could have it at Arkansas.

I’d like to be an optimist but I just don’t think it’ll work out :smiley:

The TEs have six receptions for 93 yards and a TD in two games. Patton has dropped a couple as well. So we are using the TEs quite a bit.

I was thinking the same thing.