Pancake man does it again

OL Andrew Raym of Broken Arrow.

what kind of shot do we have? has OKL offered?

He was committed to OU for a while but opened up his recruitment around the first of the year. Some people I know think OU is still a strong possibility. That’s not coming from anybody that would know tho. They’re just OU fans that assume.

Did he decommit or just open up his recruiting? If he’s still committed to OU, our chance are minimal.

I really didn’t think about the difference when I wrote that but I believe he decommitted. Not 100% certain of that but I believe he did.

I would think it’s a decommitment either by him or for sure the school, if a he reopens his recruitment. Taking more visits is one thing, but advertising himself on the market again is different.

Hoping to be there on Friday night to see him Brady Latham, Andrew and Myles Slusher play.

He decommitted because he thought he rushed his decision. OU is definitely going to be hard to beat,but Arkansas is going full speed ahead.