Any word on his injury? I never heard what it is. Hope it’s not significant

Elbow. They will continue to check it. Tests tomorrow. Assume it’s MRI and scans.

Tests were done today (perhaps an MRI). More tests planned tomorrow (perhaps a second opinion, perhaps testing other than imaging… not sure).

Coaches will likely know something tomorrow. Might be Monday before the rest of us know anything.

Yes. Hard not to think about Tommy John when the problem is the elbow.

Yeah I don’t think it’s going to be good news and I hate that, we will have to have guys ready to step up and take his place and we have guys getting better so hopefully they can continue to do so.

Doesn’t sound good. But Pallete being a Soph with a lot of innings pitched this year combined with a shortened season last year.
Just resting the arm from this point would put him out for a stretch.

I’m rewatching the Friday game. I felt so bad for him. You could tell he hated it. It was telling when Battles patted him on the back.

I wondered about the sequence of events. I suspect that Hobbs saw something and sent Opitz out to talk to him. But it was hard to tell because TV was focused on the runner.

When I rewatced it I couldn’t tell he hurt himself at all,there was no reaction that made it look like he was hurting. Tough break for him and bad loss for the team. Praying all goes well.

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Injuries can be so slight when they happen. I know a guy that just recently tore (minor but a tear just the same) his ACL while dancing at a concert. He said he felt the slightest little pop and then his knee went numb but never really any pain. He was surprised when the MRI came back. He is very fit and late twenties.

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